dimanche 14 février 2010

Conférences sur l'eau dans le monde

L'Unesco propose un agenda intégrant la plupart des manifestations scientifiques et/ou technique concernant l'eau dans le monde. La plupart d'entre elles auront lieu en anglais.

19-20 janvier 2010 - Pretoria, Afrique du Sud
1ère Conférence régionale des jeunes professionnels de l’eau sud africains.
For the first time the International water Association (IWA) Young Water Professionals Programme (YWP) provides a platform for young professionals and postgraduate researchers from Southern Africa to present their work related to advances in urban water supply and sanitation. The technical programme of the Conference will include both platform and posters. The conference programme also accommodates facilitated discussion and a series of networking and professional development activities.

1-24 février 2010 - Auckland, Nouvelle-Zélande
17eme Congrès de la division Asie et Pacifique, de l’association internationale d’ingénierie et de recherches hydrauliques (IAHR-APD 2010)
IAHR-APD 2010 incorporates the 7th International Urban Watershed Management Conference. The Congress will be a forum that welcomes new research findings and practitioner innovations addressing the many water related challenges of the Asia-Pacific area. Alongside IAHR members, other researchers, practitioners, and students are also welcome to contribute abstracts for consideration.

6-10 mars 2010 - Alexandrie, Egypt
Conférence internationale sur la gestion des zones côtières des deltas de rivière et des cotes de basses terres
The main objective of the conference is to bring engineers, scientists, managers, government agencies and officials world wide to exchange information and address the outstanding problems associated with coastal erosion / accretion / subsidence occurring on shorelines of river deltas and low land areas being increasingly influenced by man-made interference. Another objective is to propose sustainable solutions to minimize and adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change in the framework of Integrated Coastal Zone Management.

11-13 octobre 2010 - San Diego
This major international conference will target the developing interdisciplinary science themes in the interface between hydrology and other scientific disciplines, including climate change, biology, chemistry and social sciences. These subjects are of particular relevance as population increases and a changing climate bring new pressures on hydrological systems around the world.

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